For over 140 years, Star Manufacturing Company has been a leader in the manufacture of hot formed, forged and heat treated parts using a broad range of specialized metal forming equipment organized into work cells for efficient production.  We work with various steel grades and sizes, including mid and high carbon, as well as alloys.  Your parts are manufactured to your exact design specifications and required metallurgical properties.  Avoid hassles; let Star solve your hot formed, forged, and welded parts production supply issues.

Star is the manufacturer of choice when production quality and customer service matter.  We specialize in custom manufacturing solutions for production and aftermarket component supply problems.  With a client base that includes some of the largest agricultural and transportation equipment manufacturers, we meet demanding expectations every day and consistently achieve 100% supplier ratings.  Supported by our modern quality assurance lab and staffed with highly trained personnel, Star's cellular manufacturing processes ensure your parts are cost-effectively produced to your specifications and delivered on time, every time.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified